"Investment Solutions can be structured to suit every Investor"
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Lump Sum Investments

If you have money sitting on deposit somewhere and you would like to explore other alternatives then contact us for an appointment. Because we can offer you access to a diverse range of funds and we will help you to construct an investment portfolio that suits your needs.

What investment solutions do we offer?

Absolute Return Actively Managed Alternative Energy Asia, Pacific, ex Japan
Eurozone Equity Emerging Markets Exchange Trade Funds (ETF) Fixed Income
High Dividend Yielding International Equity Irish Equity Japan Equity
North American Equity Passively Managed Property Protected Equity Funds
Specialised Equity Funds Structured Deposit Tracker Funds UK Equity

We will meet with you to carry out our Initial Planning Service before deciding on where to invest your money as there are different factors to consider such as:

  • The time frame of your investment.
  • Your investment goals and expectations.
  • Your investment risk profile.
  • Your overall level of net assets.
  • Your income requirements (if any) from the Structured Investment Portfolio.

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your plans and objectives.
  • Compare the best range of investment options available.
  • Outline the best option for your needs.
  • Provide you with regular updates on the investment performance of your Structured Portfolio Investment.
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