"When investing you don’t have to put your capital at risk"
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Secure Capital Investments

What is a Secure Capital Investment?

A secure capital investment is an investment that guarantees the return of 100% of your capital or a percentage of it e.g. 90% after a set period of time e.g. 4 years. Of course it will also offer the opportunity for a positive investment return on your capital.

Who should consider a Secure Capital Investment?

A Secure Capital Investment may be suitable for the following investors:

  • Investors who don’t want to risk any of their capital but still want the potential to earn a positive investment return on their capital.
  • Investors who view a capital secure investment option as one component of an overall investment portfolio.
  • Investors who want a safe alternative to Deposits.
  • Institutions such as Credit Unions, Charities etc.

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your plans and objectives.
  • Compare the best Secure Capital Investment options available
  • Outline the best option for your needs
  • Provide you with regular updates on the investment performance of your Secure Capital Investment.

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