"If you leave the service of a company why leave them in control of your pension fund?"
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Personal Retirement Bonds (PRBs)

Personal Retirement Bonds – Pension Scheme Leavers

Were you a member of a company pension scheme with your former employer? Would you like to move the funds away from your previous employer and retain more control over the funds?

A Personal Retirement Bond is the solution for you as:

  • A PRB is a personal policy in your own name.
  • The value of your fund under your previous employer’s scheme is invested in the bond.
  • When you retire, you can then use the proceeds of the PRB to provide retirement benefits.

You need to speak to us if you think you have ‘frozen pension benefits’ with a previous employer. We will help put you back in control of these pension benefits.

What are the advantages of a Personal Retirement Bond?

  • You can make a clean break from your old employer’s pension scheme.
  • You can choose from a wide range of investment options to meet your needs.
  • You continue to receive tax free investment growth.
  • You will receive clear information on your entitlements on an annual basis.
  • You decide when to draw down benefits.*
  • You do not have to transfer benefits to your new employer scheme.

*Subject to the rules of the scheme from where the money came and also to revenue rules.

We will help you decide on the best options available to you.

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