"The Pensions Market is an ever changing one. You need to ensure your pension plan is up to scratch"
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Pension Plan Review Service

What is the Pension Review Service?

The Pension Review Service allows us (on your behalf) to effectively run an audit or examination on your pension plan to point out whether the plan is performing better or worse than industry standards.

The Pension Review Service will benefit you regardless of what type plan you currently hold, or how near or far you are from your chosen retirement age

Who is the Pension Review Service for?

The Pension Review Service is for you if you already have a private pension savings plan and you would like an independent opinion on it as you feel it is not meeting your expectations.

Why is the Pension Review Service important?

The Pension Review Service is important because:

  • The charges on your plan may be TOO HIGH versus the marketplace.
  • The investment funds chosen may be UNSUITABLE for your needs.
  • You may be UNDERFUNDED for your retirement.
  • You may not be receiving the best TAX ADVICE from your Pension Plan provider.
  • It may suit you better to SWITCH your Pension Plan provider.
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