"Over 55s retirement planning requires special attention. From a specialist advisory service"
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Over 55’s Retirement Planning Service

What is over 55s Retirement Planning?

There are many different stages in retirement planning.  However, in Wexford Financial Services Ltd. we believe that special care and attention should be devoted to retirement planning for persons who are over 55.

If you want your pension plan closely monitored in the run up to your retirement and if you want your retirement fund in a ‘no risk’ investment fund, then you need to speak to us.

Why is it important to closely monitor the pension plan of someone over the age of 55?

Persons who are over 55 need to be kept fully informed of:

  • Investment market conditions and how they affect their pension planning.
  • The changing funding levels available to them for tax relief purposes.
  • The current value of their plans and regular updates on the projected value of their plans at retirement.
  • Suitable investment options e.g. Moving across gradually to capital secure investment options or investment options that reduce the investment risk exposure of their pension plan.
  • Any changes in pensions legislation that may affect them.

Why Wexford Financial Services Ltd?

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will provide you with:

  • Access to secure investment solutions specifically suited to persons over 55s.
  • The correct advice to ensure you are aware of the best use of tax reliefs available to you.
  • An ongoing monitoring service to ensure your fund is secure.
  • Regular projections to ensure your plan is on target to meet your expectations.
  • Communication updates whenever there is a change in Pensions Law that could affect your circumstances.
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