"Membership of a group pension scheme is a very valuable component of an employee remuneration package"
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Company Pensions

Are you an employer who wants to provide cost effective benefits as part of the overall remuneration package for your employees?

Why you should consider a company Pension Scheme for your staff:

  • Contributions are cost effective because contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Tax efficient way for you to reward your staff rather than giving them pay rises or bonuses.
  • Your Company Pension Plan can also provide inexpensive and hassle-free access to life assurance for your staff.
  • Employees view membership of a group pension plan as a valuable component of their overall remuneration package.

Company Pension Audit

Do you already have an existing company pension in place?

You will be interested to note that we can provide a comprehensive Company Pension Audit service on your existing scheme to advise you whether:

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