"I want control and flexibility over how I draw down my retirement income. Thats why an ARF suits me"
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Approved Retirement Funds (ARFs)

What is an Approved Retirement Fund – ARF?

Quite simply an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) is a tax exempt vehicle used to hold, invest and pay out funds to you after you retire.

Benefits of an ARF

  • You retain control of drawdown of your retirement fund*
  • You remain in control of how your funds are invested with a choice of a range of diverse funds across all asset classes.
  • You continue to receive tax free investment growth i.e. no DIRT or CGT.
  • Your spouse and children can inherit the funds held in your ARF in an extremely tax efficient manner.

“You need expert advice on how to manage your capital and income requirements in retirement”

Why Wexford Financial Services Ltd?

After our informal yet fully professional ‘one to one’ consultation you will be aware of:

  • The level of income you require in retirement.
  • The optimum balance between investment growth expectations for the capital invested in your ARF versus your income drawdown requirements to ensure your ARF does not run out of capital.
  • The optimum balance between different asset classes such as Cash, Bonds and Property along with a small percentage in income producing Equities to maintain your capital and income requirements.
  • Regular monitoring of your ARF to ensure it remains on course to meet your expectations.
  • Tax implications of drawing down income from the ARF.
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