"An AVC is a great way of increasing the size of your pension fund in retirement"
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Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

What are Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)?

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) are a tax efficient means to top-up your current pension fund by making extra contributions.  You may be eligible to take out an AVC if you’re a member of an occupational pension plan.

“An AVC lets you save more and maximise your tax relief at the same time”

Benefits of an AVC

  • Larger pension fund at retirement.
  • Access to ARF option at retirement*
  • Generous Income Income Tax Relief on your AVC contribution.
  • Tax Free Investment Growth on your contributions

Please check out the tax savings with our Interactive Pension Calculator

Assumptions used in calculator projections:

  • Standard PRSA charging structure used
  • Investment growth of 6% per annum
  • Normal retirement age of 65
  • Tax Relief based on 2010 limits
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