"The earlier you start saving the longer your retirement fund has to grow"
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Retirement Planning

Kickstart your Retirement Planning

Retirement planning has become a much talked about issue in the media today. It has become a hot topic at political levels too. And with most people by now familiar with the term ‘Pensions Timebomb’ it’s fair to say that the message is beginning to be picked up by the public at large.

Retirement Planning is an important consideration for everyone because:

  • When we retire we will suffer a drop in income from not working.
  • The state pension is inadequate for the needs of most people.
  • The state pension looks to be unsustainable in its current format for the future.
  • The age for state pension qualification will be increased in the future.
  • People are living longer and have to maintain their income for longer.
  • Medical expenses are increasing at a rate that exceeds earnings growth rates. A large proportion of the disposable income of retirees goes towards increased medical costs.

But sadly the reality for a lot of people is that they are not funding enough for the retirement they would like.

Why choose Wexford Financial Services Ltd?

After our informal yet fully professional ‘one to one’ consultation you will be aware of:

  • The level of income you require in retirement.
  • The contribution rate required now to help build the retirement fund you will need to provide your required retirement income.
  • The many tax breaks available and how they can be applied for your benefit.
  • The type of pension plan that will suit you best e.g. Executive Pension, Personal Pension, PRSA etc…
  • The different investment fund options open to you and the suitability of the fund(s) to your investor profile and to your term to retirement.

We meet with you every year to discuss your retirement plan and to re-visit your retirement goals.

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