"I needed life cover to protect my family’s future in the event of my death. To be able to get a tax break on the premium was a pleasant surprise"
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Tax Efficient Life Insurance

What is Tax Efficient Life Insurance?

Tax Efficient Life Cover is life cover that aims to replace income on the death of the policyholder for the surviving dependants. The premium is tax deductible at your marginal income tax rate. NB this cover cannot be assigned for a mortgage or loan.

Who is Tax Efficient Life Insurance for?

Tax Efficient Life Cover is for anyone over 18 who is in non-pensionable employment (company they work for does not provide a pension) or who is self employed.

“Cover lasts up to age 65 and you get up to a 41% discount on the premium if you pay tax at the higher marginal rate”

Benefits of Tax Efficient Life Insurance

  • Life cover that protects the well-being of your family.
  • Helps them cope financially when you are not able to help them.
  • Can factor in automatic indexing of cover.
  • Policy can run to age 65.
  • Conversion option available.

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will advise you of:

  • Level of Insurance cover you need–this can be a multiple of your salary e.g. 10 times your salary.
  • The most competitive premium in the market.
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