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Specified Serious Illness

What is Specified Serious Illness designed for?

Specified Serious Illness cover is designed to pay you a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed as suffering from any one of a list of illnesses covered under the policy.

Who should take out Specified Serious Illness?

A specified serious illness such as Cancer would prevent you from working.  Therefore, anybody who has a mortgage or family dependants should consider Specified Serious Illness cover.

Why take out Specified Serious Illness?

  • Pays you a lump sum that can be used to pay off a mortgage, loan, medical bills or replace income in the event of being diagnosed with a listed illness.
  • Offers financial security when you need it most so you can focus on getting better.
  • Provides excellent value for money.

Additional Benefits that may be included in the plan:

  • Hospitalisation Benefit.
  • Surgical Cash.
  • Loss of independent Existence.

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will:

  • Help you decide on the correct level of cover for your needs.
  • Help you decide on the best specified serious illness policy to choose.
  • Compare the market for you and explain our recommendation to you.
  • Provide a number of options to suit your budget.
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