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Specified Injury Benefit

A terrific feature of this plan is how flexible it is.  You can pick and choose from a range of top quality benefits to meet your needs.  All within one plan.

What is Specified Injury Benefit (Broken Bones Cover)?

Specified Injury Benefit (Broken Bones Cover) is a special feature of a comprehensive ‘all in one plan’ that we can offer you.

What injuries are covered?

The injuries that are covered are injuries that have a high likelihood of occurring.  That’s what makes this plan so appealing to the self employed and to individuals who play sports.

Specified Injury Benefit Specified Injury Benefit
Upper Leg Fracture €3,000 Sternum Fracture €1,300
Open Fracture of the Skull €3,000 Jaw or Cheekbone Fracture €1,300
Dislocated Ankle €2,500 Foot Fracture €1,300
Hip Fracture or Dislocation €1,700 Vertebrae Fracture €1,300
Closed Fracture of the Skull €1,700 Shoulder Dislocation €1,300
Fracture of lower Leg or ankle €1,700 Shoulder Blade Dislocation €1,300
Arm Fracture €1,700 Wrist Fracture €1,300
Elbow Dislocation €1,700 Rib or Collar Bone Fracture €1,300

What additional benefits can be covered under this plan?

There are a huge range of additional benefits that can be added to this ‘all in one plan’ such as:

  1. Life Cover
  2. Specified Illness Cover
  3. Personal Accident Cover
  4. Hospitalisation Cover
  5. Surgical Cash
  6. Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

Wexford Financial Services will advise you of:

  • The type of cover you need
  • The correct amount of cover you need
  • The different price options available to you
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