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Personal Accident and Injury

What is Personal Accident and Injury designed for?

Personal Accident and Injury cover is designed to pay you up to 75% of your weekly earnings if you cannot work due to temporary disablement as a result of an accident.

Who should take out Personal Accident and Injury cover?

The self employed or any employee who would not receive an income should they miss work due to temporary disablement. Persons who play sport as a hobby should also consider Personal Accident and Injury cover.

Why take out Personal Accident and Injury cover?

  • Helps pay your household bills and day to day bills until you’re back on your feet.
  • If you feel you are at high potential risk of temporary disablement due to your occupation or hobby then you should consider this plan.
  • Provides excellent value for money and you are covered 24 hours a day even away from the workplace.
  • Cover is quick and easy to arrange with no medical examinations necessary.
  • Benefits are paid TAX FREE!

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will advise you of:

  • The type of cover you need.
  • The length of time you need it for.
  • The amount of cover you need.
  • The most competitive premium in the marketplace.
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