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Insurance Policy Review Service

Who is the Insurance Policy Review Service for?

The Insurance Policy Review Service is designed for individuals, families and businesses with existing protection contracts such as Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Income Protection, Specified Serious Illness, Personal Accident etc..who want to ensure they have the right cover at the right price.

“Imagine if we could save you €75 per month on your insurance outgoings.  Over a 20 year period this could be worth €18,000 in premium savings alone”

What is the purpose of the Insurance Policy Review Service?

Quite simply our Insurance Policy Review Service will tell you the following regarding your existing plans:

  • Cost of Cover – are you paying too much?
  • Level of Cover – do you have too much or too little?
  • Cover Benefits – do you understand the benefits of your plan?
  • Type of Plan – is your plan suitable for your needs?

Because you will find that by speaking to us you could:

  • MAKE SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS to your monthly outgoings.
  • GAIN VALUABLE PEACE OF MIND that your family will have financial security in the event of your death or illness.
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