"Remove the liability to Inheritance Tax that your loved ones could face after you are gone"
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Inheritance Tax Planning

What is an Inheritance Tax Plan?

An inheritance tax plan is a life assurance contract also called a Section 72 plan.  It is designed to pay out a lump sum on the death of the policyholder equivalent to the Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) Bill faced by his or her estate.

You may need to consider an Inheritance Tax Plan if

  • You think  your estate will exceed the inheritance tax thresholds set by Revenue.
  • You are a common law spouse and you do not qualify for the spousal exemption from inheritance tax .
  • You are in a same sex relationship and stand to inherit your partner’s estate should he or she die.

And remember an inheritance tax plan is not the preserve of the very wealthy.  In recent times:

  • Inheritance Tax Thresholds have decreased.
  • The CAT rate has increased.
  • Many people have acquired more than one property adding to the value of their estate.

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will:

  • Meet with you and your panel of advisors e.g.s solicitor, accountant and tax advisor to help determine the potential liability to CAT that your estate may face.
  • In conjunction with your panel of advisors we will check how the CAT liability can be reduced by using certain reliefs such as farm relief, business relief etc..
  • Compare the market for you to ensure you get best value for money.
  • Meet with you on an annual basis to ensure your sum assured is adequate to meet its intended purpose.
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