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Movember Promotion – Cancer Cover

Movember Promotion – add Cancer Cover of €10,000 as a benefit for an additional 1c per month To tie in with the Movember fund-raising campaign, Zurich Life has launched a great value for money promotion that we feel may be of interest to you. For the month of November anyone who takes out a term assurance policy, [...]
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Inheritance Tax

Since 2008 Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT) has increased from 20% to 33%. This is the rate at which gifts and inheritances are taxed (CAT). Over the same period we have seen a dramatic reduction in the tax free thresholds of over 50%, most particularly with the Group 1 – children’s threshold – being reduced from €542,000 [...]
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“Best Doctors” for a second opinion!

  Best Doctors from Aviva Imagine you are faced with a serious illness tomorrow.  Your first thoughts would naturally concern your future and your family’s future.  But after that you would likely start thinking about the standard of care you are receiving from your doctor or specialist.  What if you had the option of getting a second opinion [...]
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Up to €50,000 of FREE Life Insurance!

  Hi All, One of the most important things to any parent is protecting their family and its future. This has become more difficult for many families in these recessionary times and as many as two out of every three people that have Life Cover, only have enough to protect their mortgage. When you consider that losing [...]
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Time to protect yourself and your future.

    Now is the time to protect yourself and your future.     Life Assurance for Women will increase by up to 30%* for new policies taken out after 21/12/2012 It has never been cheaper to buy life assurance.  Rates have fallen by up to 40% over the last 10 years.  However, Life Cover for women is going to increase by [...]
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Premiums for a life assurance policies?

    What determines the premium for a life assurance policy?   There are a number of different entities that determines the premiums for a life insurance policy, below we have listed the main ones. Sum Assured – The higher the amount of cover being sought the higher the premium will be. Length of Term – The longer the term of [...]
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Whole of Life Assurance

  Whole of Life Assurance A whole of life plan differs to a term assurance plan in that the contract doesn’t have a fixed term.  Essentially the policyholder keeps the policy active until the day they die (for the whole of their life). As a result, the sum assured is guaranteed to be paid out (once [...]
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Comparing Indexing Term Assurance Costs

Comparing Indexing Term Assurance Costs Many people believe that if the initial price of a product is cheaper from the out-set then they are saving over the long term. However this is not always the case with Indexing Term Assurance. Indexing Term Assurance premiums can cause great confusion amongst people as when they see the lower [...]
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Various Types of Term Assurance

  Various types of Term Assurance Broadly speaking there are three different types of term assurance, which are known as; Decreasing Term assurance Level Term assurance Increasing Term assurance We have decided to outline each different type of term assurance to allow you to gain a better understanding and knowledge of what each assurance is exactly. 1.      Decreasing Term Assurance Decreasing term [...]
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Term Assurance

  Term Assurance Term assurance is life insurance which provides cover at a fixed rate of payments for a particular length of time. For example, John proposes to take out €250,000 life cover for a period of 20 years.  John is known as the proposer.  Let’s say the premium is €40 per month.  If it is [...]
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