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Partnership Insurance

What is Partnership Insurance designed for?

To protect the financial security of a business partnership by compensating a deceased partner’s estate for their share of the partnership.

“Partnership Insurance gives me peace of mind for the future survival of the business should my business partner die prematurely.  And peace of mind for my family should I die prematurely.  A fair deal all around.”

Who is Partnership Insurance for?

  • Partnership Insurance for two or more partners in a business for example solicitors, dentists etc.

Benefits of Partnership Insurance:

  • Gives surviving partners the funds to repay the deceased partner’s estate
  • Means the deceased’s successor does not have to become involved in the business
  • Can also cover a business partner becoming seriously ill

Why you should consider Partnership Insurance?

Your business could struggle to survive the death or illness of a partner, particularly a partner who controlled over 50% of the business.

Wexford Financial Services Ltd. will advise you of:

  • The type of cover you need.
  • The length of time you need it for.
  • The amount of cover you need.
  • The most competitive premium in the marketplace.
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